Getting Started Guide

Our Getting Started Guide is a great resource for new users.

Orientation Video

Our Orientation Video is less than 15 minutes long, and will give you a fantastic visual tour of the system.

Zoom White Paper

If you have any concerns regarding SecureVideo's use of Zoom, please read this white paper by our CEO to see what SecureVideo is doing to mitigate security risks.

E-mail technical support

E-Mails are best for non-urgent technical questions.

Phone technical support

For technical problems connecting to your session.

(888) 540-2829

24 Hours a Day

365 Days a Year


Due to unprecedented surge in demand for telehealth services resulting from the emerging global COVID-19 pandemic, customers across our industry are currently experiencing unusually long wait times to receive support. Unfortunately, SecureVideo customers are also currently experiencing this issue.

However, with SecureVideo most of our customers are able to get up and running using the resources in this Support Center in a self-service manner. At this time, self-service will be your quickest and most efficient path to getting answers!
  • Click here to view our Orientation Video, which will take you on a comprehensive tour through the system.
  • Click here to download our Getting Started Guide, which covers all the main points on getting up and running quickly.
  • Browse our support articles below, which contain the answers to the vast majority of questions about our service.
For problems connecting to your session, your best bet is to call (888) 540-2829. So that we can keep the telephone lines clear for providers and patients who need help getting into their sessions, callers with other issues will not be served by our support team over the phone at this time.

For any other problem, question, or inquiry, please e-mail [email protected], and we will do our very best to respond as quickly as possible.

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Support Articles

Solutions to nearly every common problem and question can be found in the below Support Articles.